This bundle contains 30 of the most popular and most beautiful videos of Marinka.
Celebrate Marinkas first sexy video and enjoy together with Marinka the moment as she has for the first time licked feet.
Admire Marinkas beauty, fulfill her wishes, and be surprised how sweet and sassy princess Marinka may be.

All Videos are in HD 720p Quality in the Windows Media Video standard.
All videos was made by us (me and the stunning Marinka)!
Here you can see all the Videos are included in the Bundle:

Marinka - Vera licks my feet (video)
Marinka and Vera browse some footfetish sites, so Vera decides to lick Marinka's feet.
Vera have fun and Marinka enjoys :)
Marinka's first worship experience.
HD Video | 8:00 min. | WMV 284 MB
Laughing fit and feet licking (Video)
On a hot summer day, Marinka, Vera, and I wanted to make a video.
Vera wore filthy ballerina flats and we had the idea to make a video where Marinka in the room comes in which Vera sleeps.
She noticed that the ballerina flats smells and wants to lick the stinky feet of Vera.
As far as the idea, but Vera got a laughing fit and Marinka also, so it was not so easy.
We needed 2 hours!
From the material I now have made a video of outtakes, feet licking and feet spitting.
No video as usual but very funny and sexy.
Have fun :)
HD Video | 9:49 min. | WMV 243 MB
Lick my dirty feet! (Video)
Marinka has slightly dirty feet from walking barefoot.
She calls the viewer and wants that he licks her feet clean.
Want you to take the job?
Marinka is not at all satisfied with the prissy licking and complains that he should make an effort to lick better.
Marinka tells what their feet today already so all have experienced - that she has overslept in the morning and had no time to shower, or that they went barefoot at work ...
Marinka's feet must to be cleaned properly, but will Marinka really be satisfied?
HD Video | 5:48 min. | WMV 102 MB
Marinka and Vanessa - Salty Feet Licking (Video)
Marinka and Vanessa sit on a couch and talk together.
Marinka listens to Vanessa, has her finger on her lips and notes that her finger taste salty.
Marinka wonders why and Vanessa notes that her hand also taste salty.
Now both want to test whether her feet taste the same.
They lick the feet and yes, they taste also salty.
Marinka and Vanessa find the salty taste strange but they are fascinated by the taste and decide to lick the feet of each other with relish.
They lick each other feet relaxed until the salty taste is licked and sucked out of the feet. Marinka and Vanessa have fun while doing that.
HD Video | 13:03 min. | WMV 235 MB
Marinka - Now I lick Vera's feet (video)
After Vera had licked Marinka's feet,
( Video 'Marinka - Vera licks my feet')
Marinka would like to worship Vera's feet now.
She sit down on Vera's bottom and starts to lick her smelly feet.
Vera's feet are sweaty and problem for Marinka, she likes it!
At the end Vera and Marinka licks together Marinkas left foot.
HD Video | 5:53 min. | WMV 150 MB
Marinka plays a trick on Vera (Video)
Marinka plays a trick on Vera with shrink foil, well worn and stinky ballerina flats and her smelly feet :)
HD Video | 11:37 min. | WMV 283 MB
I spit on the street (Video)
I am cool and I spit on the street!
HD Video | 3:36 min. | WMV 195 MB
Cream licking of from smelly feet! (Video)
Vera licks cream of from Marinka's feet.
Marinka wears sneakers and fuzzy socks and has sweaty feet.
Licking cream of from smelly feet tastes so much better :)
HD Video | 6:40 min. | WMV 193 MB
Marinka licks her smelly toes (Video)
Marinka's feet has become very sweaty in her ballerina flats.
She removes the flats and sucks her stinky toes.
It seems that Marinka likes the flavour of sweat and flats.
Also very sexy: Marinka wipes the smelly toe jam between her toes with her finger and then she licks her finger clean.
HD Video | 6:22 min. | WMV 154 MB
Marinka - sweet bikini, sexy feet (video)
We took this video back in 2009, at Marinka's very first foot-shooting!
It was in june on a hot day and while shooting, it began to thunderstorm.
Sweet Marinka wears a no less sweet bikini and poses smoothly and sexy on the couch.
Her feet are perfect and Marinka looks the whole time to the camera... very hot!
HD Video | 5:35 mins. | 1280 x 720 pixels | WMV 103 MB
Spit and feet fun at the lake (Video)
Vera and Marinka at the lake. It was a bit cold and therefore they would not swim.
But no problem! In that case Vera must lick Marinka's feet and Marinka spit on Vera's feet :)
HD Video | 7:02 min. | WMV 517 MB
Stinky Feet as punishment! (Video)
Vera has worn Marinka's good pumps. As punishment, she must lick Marinka's sweaty feet :)
Ricarda is also present and helps Marinka :D
HD Video | 5:36 min. | WMV 157 MB
Laura's irresistible stinky socks! (Video)
Laura wore her white socks for 3 days and we are filming a video where she presents the socks.
As we have finished, Marinka enters the room and would like to sniff Laura's socks.
That's fine for me and Laura, and so Marinka smells the socks and licks the smelly feet of Laura :)
This video is also included in the "socks-bundle1".
HD Video | 11:42 min. | WMV 329 MB
Marinka - Sexy posing in Dessous (Video)
Marinka super sexy in Dessous.
HD Video | 4:24 min. | WMV 56 MB
Sexy Spitting Princess (Video)
I am to sexy for you!
You want my spit? Lick it from the pane!
This video is also included in the "spit-bundle1".
HD Video | 6:00 min. | WMV 276 MB

Ricarda and Marinka - Feet licking! (Video)
Ricarda and Marinka licking each others feet.
HD Video | 4:04 min. | WMV 77 MB
Marinka - Toes and Face (Video)
Enjoy Marinka's natural feet and her face simultaneously.
Filmed with two cameras so you can see how sexy Marinka looks while her toes are filmed.
HD Video | 7:39 min. | WMV 256 MB

Marinka and Vanessa lick each others nylon feet (Video)
Watch Marinka and Vanessa while they lick each others nylon feet, very relaxed.
HD Video | 7:53 min. | WMV 380 MB
Marinka paints her toenails (Video)
Marinka paints her toenails.
HD Video | 4:42 min. | WMV 75 MB

Marinka sniffs Vera's smelly feet (Video)
Marinka sniffs Vera's stinky feet.
HD Video | 4:28 min. | WMV 126 MB
Marinka cuts her toe nails (Video)
Marinka has grown her toenails especially for this video.
Now she cuts her toe nails :)
The nails are so long that they have scratched on the shoes.
Thereby the shoes something rubbed off on the toe nails and by the sweat.
So Marinka first tries to make their toe nails clean.
Then she cuts her nails and file them a little.
And then, Marinka spits on the cuted nails and sealed them into a bag.
A video for the special taste!
HD Video | 12:03 min. | WMV 335 MB

Marinka and Vera licking Ricarda's smelly feet (Video)
Surprise at the shooting :)
Marinka and Vera worship Ricardas smelly feet.
It's the first time that Marinka and Vera licks the feet of a strange Woman.
They meet Ricarda for the first time. Directly they starts with removing the damp socks of from Ricarda's feet.
And then they start to celebrate Ricarda's smelly feet.
HD Video | 8:43 min. | WMV 225 MB
Vera licks cocoa of from Marinka's feet (Video)
Vera has a cocoa.
Marinka would like that Vera pour the cocoa over her feet and then Vera licks it from Marinka's feet.
HD Video | 5:52 min. | WMV 108 MB

Marinka - toe spreading record! (Video)
We don't know if there's an World record of non-stop toes spreading, but Marinka will set up a target at 10 minutes.
The toes hurts but Marinka gives everything to reach the 10 minutes!
HD Video | 10:51 min. | WMV 152 MB
Marinka spits on her feet (Video)
Marinka spits on her feet.
She looks sassy and has fun while she plays with her feet in it.
HD Video | 7:02 min. | WMV 205 MB

sweets between our toes! (Video)
Marinka and Vera have sweets between her toes.
They wear her socks over it and boots.
Now they want see how the sweets are taste :)
They removes her boots and socks and show the imprints which the sweets have left on her feet.
Afterwards Marinka and Vera relish the sweets with a flavour of foot-sweat!
HD Video | 6:08 min. | WMV 189 MB
Vera and Marinka cuddle with their feet (Video)
Hot weather and Marinka and Vera are bored.
Marinka removes the totally filthy ballerina flats which Vera wears.
They stink to high heaven and Vera noticed that they even have a hole.
Although Vera's feet stink like the ballerina flats, Marinka would like to cuddle with Vera's feet.
Vera likes this and would like to cuddle after some time also with Marinka's feet.
Marinka takes off her high heels and Vera cuddles and caresses Marinka's feet.
HD Video | 8:45 min. | WMV 326 MB

I walk in my spitted ballerina flats (Video)
Marinka sits on a skater space, removes her worn out ballerina flats and spits on them.
She spits on the footbed and then she puts on the flats again.
Now she walks back home with her spitted ballerina flats.
After a half-hour she has arrived and shows how her feet looks after a half-hour walk in spitted, worn out ballerina flats.
HD Video | 7:54 min. | WMV 485 MB
I spit on my favourite shoes (Video)
Marinka has heard that shoes less pressed if they are full of spit.
Now she try it.
HD Video | 4:28 min. | WMV 120 MB

Marinka irks Vera with her smelly socks (Video)
Vera arrives and knocks on the door.
Marinka locks all room doors and lets Vera in.
Marinka immediately starts to annoy Vera with her stinky socks.
Marinka is turned on and sniffs like mad on her own socks and has fun.
Vera is surprised and smells with little enthusiasm the socks and feet of Marinka.
HD Video | 6:16 min. | WMV 256 MB